How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

  • October 6, 2019
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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts
How to write SEO friendly blog posts

How to write SEO friendly blog posts


If you are planning to do blogging then this article will defiantly be going to help you in blog posts writing. How to write an SEO friendly blog posts we can understand it throughout this article. So in this blog post, We will learn how we should write blog posts and how to use SEO tools on the blogger platform. As a blogger, we all know how much SEO tools available on blogger. At the blogger platform, we found limited SEO tools then WordPress Platform. There are lots of SEO tools available at WordPress But it’s okay if you are planning to start blogging then Blogger platform is the best platform to start blogging. So we will know through this article about how to write a blogger post which is SEO Friendly. Lots of bloggers make mistake in this concern because of lack of knowledge So before start creating content we all need to know that how to write with content marketing strategy because this is the significant part or we can say Article is our blogging structure. So be knowledgeable before Blog writing otherwise your all content marketing effort can waste without it and also we should use related video content in between the content because it helps us too much to build an SEO friendly website in the future with post index on search engines.


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Keyword research for each blog posts

So the first thing you have do is keyword research before write blog posts. Regarding this, there are lots of tools available on the internet some are free like google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, Semrush free version and so on. some are chargeable with the extra feature but in starting I will suggest Google Adword for use because it’s free to use keyword research. Suppose you did select a keyword (Google). So in google keyword planer if we will search than google Adword keyword planner will show us statics related this particular keyword (Google) So we can see here that how much this keyword search by the people’s all around the world with search value and also google Adword will show you your competitor for the selected keyword. We can also select a targeted region for the target audience like if you want to target the Indian audience then you have to select India before the keyword research in keyword planner, So finally first thing you have to do is Keyword Research without it we can’t drive traffic at our site.


How to write SEO friendly blog posts
How to write SEO friendly blog posts


Use SEO Writing assistant for Blog Posts

How to write SEO friendly blog posts
How to write SEO friendly blog posts


So if you are using a blogger platform for blogging then a good SEO writing assistant tool which I will strongly suggest to use for the article’s writing and that is Semrush (Seo writing assistant) which is free. As we all know as a blogger that how big SEO company Semrush is. So at the time of post writing, we can analyze our content at the same time of writing and also this tool suggests us keywords for use in any particular post. So according to my experience, this is the best recommendation engine for use because I have been used in the past for post writing. this my demo recommendation you can use any other SEO writing assistant tools but according to my experience for SEO friendliness blog post I would say that use the Semrush writing assistant tool.


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Use Existing post tags in current Blog Posts

For SEO concern one impotent thing we need to do at the time of post writing is the previous post link tag or internal link. We should use it smartly at the time of post writing. Suppose you are using a keyword (Google) in your current article and you have been already written an article on it So here you can use that post link as a tag in current post and this will help you to SEO concern as we all know that at blogger platform meta description not show, So we have limited SEO tools at blogger platform and we should use it smartly.


Use quality pictures in blog posts

We should use quality pictures in our blog post,s which should clear for watch and also it should be designed by self. Because if you are writing quality content then you should use your stuff don’t use some other,s website content and pictures, use self-design pictures in posts because this will help you to rank on search engine.


Use HTML codes in blog posts

If you have approved Adsense account or if you have joined an affiliate program then you should use these products HTML code,s in the blog post you can choose any place for use it in any blog post because this will help you to monetize you content at google.

Use select location for any particular blog posts

How to write SEO friendly blog posts
How to write SEO friendly blog posts

At the time of blog posts write we can target a specific location audience So here we have to select a location and through this tool we can target a country audience. So we can use this for targeting.


Manage Content and heading size in blog posts


Content & Heading’s size is a very significant part of a blog post. It’s should be easy to read for the readers. So we should always try to use a good font size for the blog posts content. 


Manage Permalink for any blog posts

We can manage permalink throughout this tool. Permalink means URL structure If you don’t know about permalink you can understand here. Permalink is a web link like ( look this link nowhere if we want to change this link then we can customize it according to our own choice. We can make Web link short also.


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Manage labels or Category for blog posts

After create blog post we should arrange it in a specific category because it will show that you have good knowledge about blogging and also it’s looking good in seeing. 



So finally after many case studies including me also, I did try to help throughout this article to some who want to join blogging or those who are learning online this article help them for sure.




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